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Vietnam Bamboo Corporation is a subsidiary of the Oceans Republic. We are the leading international bamboo products manufacturer from Vietnam and have been supplying the highest quality customized bamboo products to our customers worldwide.

Being a part of Oceans Republic allows us to connect with like-minded businesses and individuals who care about the health of our planet. We are looking forward to working together to make a positive impact on the environment.

We are committed to providing sustainable and environmentally-friendly products that our customers can rely on.
We have a wide range of bamboo products that are made from the highest quality bamboo. 
Our products are durable and made to last. We also have a team of skilled craftsmen who are able to create custom bamboo products according to your specifications.

Bamboo Tableware by Vietnam Bamboo

Bamboo Products

Bamboo Tableware

Our products are made from 100% natural bamboo, which is one of the most sustainable and resilient materials on the planet. Bamboo is also incredibly versatile, and can be used to make a wide variety of products, from clothing to furniture to construction materials.

Bamboo tableware is a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional tableware made from plastic or glass. Bamboo is renewable, durable, and stylish. Order our bamboo tableware to take advantage of this trend.

Bamboo Kitchenware

Bamboo kitchenware is a great way to add a natural touch to your kitchen. It is eco-friendly, durable, and stylish. Order our bamboo kitchenware today!
You can find everything from bamboo spatulas to cutting boards. With its high-quality materials and master craftmanship our kitchenware is built to last. In addition, its stylish design will bring a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

Our kitchenware is the top choice of many international hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes. Plus, we offer a wide range of customization options to make sure you get the perfect products for your business.

Bamboo Cutting board by Vietnam Bamboo Corporation
Bamboo Products by Vietnam Bamboo Corporation

Bamboo Bathroom Accessories

Bamboo toiletries are a great way to add a natural touch to your bathroom. We are committed to sustainability and offers a wide range of bamboo bathroom accessories, including bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrush holders, tissue-paper holders, bamboo soap dispensers, bamboo soap dishes and many more. Our products are durable, water-resistant, and stylish. All of our products are made of sustainably harvested bamboo and are eco-friendly.

Check out our line of bamboo bathroom accessories which are preferred by many of our international clients.


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